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V-Air is a non-aerosol fragrance dispenser that provides up to 60 days fragrance in a completely environmentally friendly manner. V-AirR uses advanced wick based technology to deliver an exciting range of fragrances to a variety of locations. Unlike gel systems, which can lose their fragrance once the lid is taken off, the V-AirR fragrance system uses an interlocking wick derived of hydrophilic porous material, which aids the quick absorption of the fragrance for greater fragrance dispersal.


Features & Benefits:
  • Environmentally friendly odour control system operates without any harmful propellants
  • Aerosol free system using wick based technology
  • Fragrance delivery of up to 60 days per refill
  • Unit can be wall mounted or free standing
  • Optional fan component available, with programmable fan speed
  • Part of co-ordinated range of dispensers
  • Fan operates on one “C” cell battery
  • Ideal for areas such as washrooms, cubicles, offices, toilet areas, care homes, hotels, reception areas, school classrooms and anywhere where fragrance is required
Bi Monthly 6 x p.a.
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Product Code 60.06