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Covid-19 Double Bagging Advice

There has been a lot of concerns risen about how to treat your waste during the Covid-19 crisis, as such Defra has issued advice to the waste sectors, councils and members of the public on the correct method of waste disposal.

Defra has advised that any household waste should be placed in a waste bag / sack and securely stored for 72 hours (contact free), after this the waste receptacle should be placed in a 2nd bag and then disposed of accordingly. 

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The full statement from Defra

The advice issued by Defra states: “Waste from possible instances and cleaning of areas where possible cases have been (including disposable cloths, tissues) should be put in a plastic rubbish bag and tied when full.

“Waste should NOT be left unsupervised awaiting collection. You should NOT put your waste in communal waste areas until negative test results are known or the waste has been stored for at least 72 hours.“The plastic bag should then be placed in a second bin bag and tied. It should be put in a suitable and secure place and marked for storage until the individual’s test results are known.

“If the individual test is negative, this can be put in with the normal waste. If the individual tests positive, then store it for at least 72 hours and only then put normal waste.”

The Defra advice continues: “If storage for at least 72 hours is not appropriate, arrange for collection as a Category B infectious waste either by your local waste collection authority if they currently collect your waste or otherwise by a specialist clinical waste contractor. They will supply you with orange clinical waste bags for you to place your bags into so the waste can be sent for appropriate treatment."