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Loowy Toilet Blade and Holder


Loowy is a new, revolutionary way to clean toilets, replacing the old fashioned and dirty toilet brush with a silicone, antibacterial and water repellent waveform blade for cleanliness right up to the edge. 

It’s also quick-drying, easy rinse and durable. By staying clean and clog-free, it lasts far longer than a conventional toilet brush - saving money and reducing plastic waste.

Product description

Key features and benefits

  • Unique waveform head for effective wiping.
  • Doesn’t clog like traditional toilet brushes. 
  • No annoying drops thanks to water repellent coating.
  • Antibacterial blade for hygienic cleaning.
  • Easy to clean.
  • A modern, contemporary design.
  • Long lasting and saves plastic waste with a 2-year guarantee.

Product guarantee

Loowy comes with a 2-year guarantee, which covers faults in the product construction, material and assembly if used according to instructions.

Where it's designed for

It’s great for general use but also where brushes aren’t left next to toilets as it’s easily moved without unhygienic drips. 

How to use

Run the Loowy around the bowl, allowing the flexible blades to swipe across the surface and under the rim. Shake after cleaning, flush once and let the water clear Loowy of any debris. Then shake gently to remove excess water. The Loowy can be used with any standard toilet cleaner.

Loowy Toilet Blade and Holder
Loowy Toilet Blade and Holder Loowy Toilet Blade and Holder Loowy Toilet Blade and Holder Loowy Toilet Blade and Holder

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