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DRY-UP Liquid Absorbing Disposable Super Pads x 10 Pack

Clean-up of spilled liquids is revolutionised with the new Dry-up super-absorbing disposable pad. The multi-layered pad absorbs liquids in seconds and bonds it into the pad by converting it into a gelled substance. The triple-layer construction replaces traditional absorbent procedures which require chemicals or powders, wait time, broom/brush, and dust pan or bagging. This product is ideal for safely and quickly removing slip risk liquid spills from hard surfaces such as blood in hospitals, oils in kitchens, restaurants and garages, and urine in care homes. It replaces the traditional and time consuming methods.

  • Top waterproof layer: a polyethylene waterproof top sheet prevents the substance from leaking through and shields the user from touching the absorbed substance.
  • Middle absorption layer: super absorbing polymer particles quickly converts liquid into gel and bonds the gelled substance into the pad.
  • Fast, easy pick-up, clean-up and disposal of liquid spills. Leaves surfaces dry.
  • One pad does it all, replacing traditional absorbent procedures requiring chemicals, wait time, broom/brush and dustpan or bagging.
  • The absorption layer bonds with up to a litre (or 4-cups) of spilled liquid and converts it to gel in 30 to 150 seconds.
  • Waterproof side protects the user from the experience.
  • Bottom non-woven layer: spilled liquid is quickly picked-up through layer and transferred into the middle layer.

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